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    NewAdHocDisplay - Only Trends




      I've been creating displays by using the web services provided by Coresight. The presentation I watched on this uses the NewAdHocDisplay method. In describing this method I believe it was stated that it will only allow the creation of trends and there were other options for creating the different symbols on the display.


      Is there any information on how to create display symbols other than just the trend? I haven't found anything so far.





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          Sorry for the miscommunication Ryan.  Currently, the web service can only create trends on a display as you mentioned.  There is no way to programmatically create other types of symbols.  I think the statement was referring to the feature in PI Coresight that allows a symbol of one type to be transitioned to another type by the end user.


          We have a backlog item to expand the web service to allow other types of symbols, but this work has not been scheduled yet.