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UFL Connector hates Daylight Savings Time

Question asked by Devin on Nov 16, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 16, 2018 by vkaufmann

I have found a idea addressing this issue from a while ago. With DST just passed I am raising it again. I have close to 30 different INI files which I have found are broken. The example in the UFL Connector (1.3) user guide on how to deal with daylight savings time does not make any sense. The example hard codes the dates for when daylight savings starts and ends for one particular year, 2014 (which the dates shown are not even correct for that year). Checking between two specific datetime stamps is flawed logic. That's not how DST works. It starts 2am the second Sunday in March and ends the first Sunday in November. This means the actual dates change every year. I can find no combination of datetime stamp functions in the literature I can use that properly checks if DST is occurring or not. Is there a way I am not aware of to check for DST within the ini? Manually changing all these ini files twice a year is completely unsustainable. I am really surprised this issue has not been addressed already. Any help appreciated.


What would be great is to have a "DST" function. For example, DST(Now()) and would return True or False. If you wanted to get fancy about it, you could include the time zone you are in as a parameter to the DST function for the proper hour.


I voted up UFL Timezone Conversion