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PI Web API 2015 R2 Crawler is not crawling or rebuilding the index.

Question asked by PIAdminEnelGP on Nov 15, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 16, 2018 by vkaufmann


Our company suddenly changed the domain on our computers, and what we got working on Coresight (I know there is PI Vision now, but we still don’t have permission from corporate to update) now it doesn’t work anymore.


It started with the page not being able to create a new display nor see the displays generated with Processbook. I fixed this by changing the App Pools on the IIS, adding the new user to a map on both PI Server and the AF Server. However even if I am able to see this Processbooks displays and they are updating data. All my AF attributes on the machine where Coresight is installed are Configuration items.


My App pools are using the right identity.

Also, both services are running with the domain account.


However, I cannot create a new Display, I can open a new one but when I do search for a particular point, I got the following error.


And on the database url. https://localhost/piwebapi/admin/search/database.html I every time I hit the Rebuild Index, nothing happens. I even delete them and when I restart WEB API and WEB Crawler they appear again without any indication that they have been rebuilt.

In the Event Viewer I see the following error. Index search server error ‘Search Source Not Ready’ with source …..


I tried running the OSIsoft.Search.Crawler.exe via command line with admin privileges but I got this error.


You cannot see it as I blocked it but it is referring to the old domain [https://Servername.olddomain.local/piwebapi/search/]. And I think this is why is not able to update, crawl and rebuild the index, as is trying to connect to the old one, when now it needs to be connecting to the new one. Where can I find the file that is referring to the old domain so I can change it to the new one. As both AF, Database webpage from WEB API, and Internet explorer is referring to the new domain.

Also in a lot of pi-square questions I see that they refer to a file called OSIsoft.REST.Admin and that by running that it help. However, I don’t see any file with that name. How can I obtain it?