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    Business Context problem


      Hi all,

      I'm having a case where I'm trying to improve a context and I have a problem:


      Think of a subsystem, I have an asset below that connected to an equipment. However by the business rule previously created, this equipment can be connected to another asset that is part of another subsystem. How could I solve this problem without creating the same thing twice?


      My thoughts: Create a subsystem where I put all the equipment that can be connected in more than one asset.

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          Roger Palmen

          Not 100% sure i understand your problem correctly, but the hierarchy of PI AF does have it's limitations. While there are ways to work around or remodel to put the information in the model, the way you structure the model also influences the possibilities you have to pull the data out of that AF model.

          So to be of better help, i think we need some more info on the type of problem you need to solve. So what kind of data model, and what kind of data do you need to get out of that model?

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            Hi Pedro


            You can create all equipment in one hierarchy and reference the same using substitution parameters. You can align your hierarchy based on equipment and reference in another subsystems. I would suggest having subsystem wise equipment and use reference in other assets.


            PI Server




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              Eugene Lee

              Create a Parent-Child element reference for Equipment under Asset B like such. Notice the small little arrow which indicates that it is a reference.



              When you edit the Equipment element under Asset A, the changes will automatically be reflected in the Equipment element under Asset B. Because they are the same thing. Similarly, when you edit the Equipment element under Asset B, the changes will also be reflected in the Equipment element under Asset A.

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                In its very simple form, PI AF provides ways to create a shortcut to your element. This is a 'Weak Reference' element.

                More details can be found in below YouTube link:

                OSIsoft: Add an element reference. v2010 - YouTube


                Edit: Eugene was faster than me by 1 minute... but i'll leave a YouTube link for your reference.

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