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PI data point not updated by AF SDK.

Question asked by gbrunelle on Nov 16, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 19, 2018 by gbrunelle

Hi, I’m using PI and AF servers configured with attributes linked to PI data points. I’m able to update the value of the attribute linked to the PI data point under PI System Explorer. The value appears in PI System Management Tool under the corresponding tag. When executing and tracing the following code (Osisoft given example), all items are found and no error occurred:


PIServers piServers = new PIServers();
PIServer piServer = piServers["myAFServer"];
IList points = PIPoint.FindPIPoints(piServer, new[] { "35404:SECTEC.TRANSFOS:PCT:Exemple:EX:SG:TM" });
PIPoint floatingPIPoint = points[0];          
IList valuesToWrite = new List();
AFTime time = AFTime.Now;
AFValue afValueFloat = new AFValue(5, time);
afValueFloat.PIPoint = floatingPIPoint; 
piServer.UpdateValues(valuesToWrite, AFUpdateOption.InsertNoCompression, AFBufferOption.BufferIfPossible);


There seems to be a read-only issue since that no value are updated nor in the AF or the PI servers.