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UFL Connector Can't Create Tags

Question asked by MarkWard on Nov 19, 2018
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I am attempting to use the UFL Connector in order to pull down XML data for a weather station, however the connector is continuously showing the error:


The .ini file for the connector can be found on pastebin.

The Helix. prefix is coming from the PiPointPrefix that I've modified.


Obviously given the nature of the error I suspected that it was a security issue, my security setting are as follows:


There is a service account: IESVE\pi.interfaces

There is an identity:

There is a mapping:

and there is a trust:

I've also ensured that the PI Interfaces identity has read/write access to the PIPOINT and PIDIS tables.

Note that I created this trust from the Network Manager Statistics on PI SMT (you can right-click an incoming connection to add a trust). However I noticed that when the connection happens now, the trust is not being applied, see this screen grab from PI SMT:

The connector service is definitely being run by the correct account:



Not sure if it's relevant, but on the actual PI AF side of things I've got a database called 'HelixWeather' which the PI Interfaces group has full access to, and on the connector side the server is pointed as the 'HelixWeather' database and the root element. I can see that when the connector runs it automatically creates a 'UFL' element but with no attributes.


Does anyone have any ideas on how I can solve this?


Thanks in advance.