Welcome to OSIsoft vCampus hackathon session

Discussion created by mhamel Employee on May 15, 2012

Welcome developers, coders and programmers,


We are glad to have you joined the OSIsoft Virtual Campus (or commonly known as vCampus) community for this Hackathon session within the Connected World Conference.






For helping  you to learn what the community is all about, we invite you to take a tour of vCampus using this link. You have several resources to learn how the PI System® works:

  • YouTube OSIsoft Learning Channel
  • Material from the PI Application Development Training Course. You can find it by browsing this section of vCampus.
  • Practice with tutorials available for you with the Virtual Learning Lab Environment which you can reach with the Training section of Campus

We invite you to look at our Builders` Café Webinar Series which presents different topics on understanding the PI System and developing with data access technologies. In line with the Hackathon, we suggest you these webinars that you will find under the Auditorium section of vCampus:

  • 101 What makes time-series data and PI special
  • PI Programming 101
  • Tour of the AF and PI Notifications Developer Tools
  • PI AF Client CTP – Rich Data Access
  • PI Web Services 2010 and Beyond
  • PI Event Frames - Find your data by events

Time permitted, we invite you to take a look at the other webinars. We invite you to navigate into these forum groups: AF SDK Development, PI Notifications, Web Services and PI, PI SQL Data Access - OLEDB/JDBC under the Discussion Hall section to:

  • Get ideas about the architecture, the design of your killer app.
  • Ask questions to the community. Any questions are welcome.
  • Find some best practices.
  • Interact with the community
  • etc.

Use the Hackathon Chicago 2012 forum group to interact with other contestants, exchange about the challenge, share your thoughts. You can add the Hackathon, Chicago, 2012 tags to each of your post. This will make them easier to search. We count on all of you to spread the word to other developers near you. Let's make this event a success, by sharing the good news and starting to collaborate on the discussion forums and the blogs. Ask questions, share thoughts and ideas, we want to hear everything you have to say! And please don't hesitate to let the vCampus team ( know about how we could improve the site.


Don`t forget to follow us on twitter: @OSIsoftvCampus with #OSIHackathon.




On behalf of the vCampus Team, I wish you the best for your hackathon challenge and we are looking forward to see you June 11th, 2012 in Chicago.