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    Get Backup logs from Multiple PI servers



      Hoping for some advice and tips here-

      I have a script to pull some details from the PI logs for a list of PI servers for some housekeeping checks

      My problem is that when I try to add the machine name into the output it just returns the last server name in the list for all server values


      If anyone has any advice it would be much appreciated


      Heres my code


      Get-Content  "P:\Powershell\Friday Checks\Pi_servers.txt" |



      Get-PIBackupSummary -Connection (Connect-PIDataArchive -PIDataArchiveMachineName $_)




      Where-Object{ $_.StatusMessage -eq '[0] Success'} |

      Select-Object @{Name="Server";Expression={$Server}},status,statusmessage,type,backupend |

      Export-Csv  "P:\Powershell\Friday Checks\Log_Errors.csv" -NoTypeInformation -Encoding UTF8