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PI System Collector vs PI to PI Interface

Question asked by andre.e.moreira on Nov 19, 2018
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I'm currently working on a project for installation and configuration of PI Servers. We’re setting up two PI Servers, one on-premise and one in the cloud, replicating AF and DA data. We’re trying to decide between a PI to PI or a PI System Collector solution for replicating the data to the cloud PI server. Reading the documentation on the System Collector, we have, so far, the following questions:


1. Is the default 30 seconds scan time of the AF hierarchy adjustable? What’s the minimal scan time?


2. In the case of having a specific element of the AF tree as the “parent source” for syncing data with the destination server, instead of the entire structure, what happens regarding the Data Archive? Only the PI Points referenced on the selected branch will be replicated?


3. Is the default two minutes scan time of the data archive adjustable? What’s the minimal scan time?


Thanks in advance,

André E. Moreira