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Custom Data Reference to Consume Restful Web Services

Question asked by brendanbell on Nov 19, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 20, 2018 by brendanbell

I am interested in getting input from the PI Square community on an idea we are discussing at my company internally.


We have a couple of use cases around integration of external systems which expose functionality via RESTful web services...

Lets say we have proprietary modeling software that exposes a web interface allowing input parameters (from PI Point Data & static data) and then returning the evaluation results of the model in a JSON object. We want to be able to evaluate the model and expose the model results in an AF Attribute.


One solution may be to build a Custom AF Data Reference that would allow:

  • Entry of the web service endpoint URI
  • Configuration of input parameters to the service
  • Mapping of the response object to an AF Attribute

We are thinking that with some thoughtful design, this may be a data reference that could be re-used against other systems.


The questions we have...

Is this a good/mediocre/crazy idea?

What types of issues are going to eat our lunch?

Comments on scalability?

Is anyone doing similar things with web services?