How to have PItoPI APS add a prefix from an external data source

Discussion created by Tfenn on May 15, 2012
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Help or ideas please.


I'm planning to use the PItoPI APS connector to create tags in my 'big PI'  Server while sourcing it's tags from many 'little PI' Servers which reside on seperate devices.


To ensure the tag names are unique on the big PI Server, I need to add a unique device identifier as a prefix (or post fix) to each tag name as it is created by the APS connector. 


The obvious answer is to put the unique identifer into the tag creation setting's 'literal text field' when manually setting up the interface configuration, however this means that each device must be configured manually.  I'm hoping to automate the tag name construction and so that I can build an ' installation image' for each device it  will automatically configure itself on startup by finding the devices ID using a script or some other method. 


As I understand it the PItoPI APS connector cannot source the literal text from an external data source (text file, db etc.). 


One thought I had is to write an installation script which finds the target device's ID and then alters the the literal name field in the APS connector's configuration file.  Is this a possible option?  Any other ideas welcomed.


Thank you in advance.