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Daily summary report with report builder

Question asked by A.Tedjoe on Nov 19, 2018

Dear Experts,


I have created a daily summary report in report builder which gives me the average values of tag from PI with a data span of 24 hours.

However the report shows erroneous outcomes. There is a shift of the average value from the day before e.g the average value of 03/11/2018 shifts to 04/11/2018 in the table.

See Attachment: e.g 04/11/2014 gives the average value of 03/11/2018


I am using the following query:

SELECT tag, time, value FROM piarchive..piavg

WHERE tag = 'sinusoid' AND time BETWEEN '03-nov-2018 00:00:00' AND 't+24h' and timestep = '24h'

and calcbasis= 'eventweighted'


Could you please provide me some feedback on how I could correct this.