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PI Server RAM consumption keep increasing

Question asked by Saifuddin on Nov 20, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 21, 2018 by Saifuddin

Dear Team,


We have some problem in our PI Server. The RAM usage is increasing exponentially day by day started on the last week. The RAM activities on our PI AF server and PI ACE server are normal and quite OK. My question are:-


1. Can we check what kind of activites\work that being processed by the PIArchive services?. If we can, how is the method to check it?

2. Seldomly, when the piarchive backup work was failed, I realized that the RAM also started accumulated after that..the RAM will start increasing and only will be normalize if we restarted the server. Does this condition is normal?

3. Beside restarting the server to normalize the High RAM consumption, is there any another way to do it? I'm afraid to end and restart the piarchive services as some of the consultants said that it may damaging our archive.


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