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    PI Vision time lag in images loading from AF


      Hi, community members! I have a strange issue working with images stored in AF.

      I store them as byte array in AF attribute and send some updates to the attribute. This part works fine so no errors here.

      The tricky thing appears in PI Vision, I display this image from attribute using custom symbol, displaying works fine too, but data update doesn't.

      What I mean is that after I update the attribute,  new value appears  in AF in few seconds, but this value becomes accesible in my Pi Vision symbol only after few minutes that is very long. What can cause such a long lag between data update in AF and sending this data to PI Vision symbol? Other attributes updated quickly in PI Vision.

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          Hi Eugene


          Could you please check ondataupdate function in custom symbol. Looks like it is not refreshed as soon as change was done. You can debug the same in your test region by setting in debug mode and use developer tool of brower (chrome 12) --> navigate to custom symbol and use debug points to check how frequently you are hitting the update of your custom symbol.




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            Eugene Lee

            I believe this is expected. These attributes which are not PI Point Data References are subject to the AF caching settings of PI Vision. I believe the default is two minutes. You can force these attributes to update at the same frequency as everything else by updating a pair of settings in your web.config file.



                <add key="AFCacheUpdateTimer" value="5"/>
                <add key="AFUpdateTimeOut" value="0"/>


            the AFCacheUpdateTimer will affect <None>, Table Lookup, and Formula DRs. The AFUpdateTimeOut of 0 is needed to force Analysis DRs to update at the 5 second refresh rate.

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