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Manual Logger Web Multiple Filters

Question asked by alexbarata on Nov 22, 2018


I'm configuring filters for my Manual Logger Web tours, I want to filter then with multiple filters.

One tour can have multiple filter, but it turns out that the tour is only displayed if all filters of that tour is added to the list parameter.

I'd like that the tour is displayed if one of the filter is on the parameter list, is this possible?


Tour 1 has #filter1, #filter2, #filter3.

Tour 2 has #filter2.

Tour 3 has #filter3.

If i load the page with the list parameter only filter2 it will show only Tour 2, and i'd like to see the tour 1 also, and if load with list parameter filter1, filter2, filter3 it will show only Tour 1, and i'd like to see all tours.