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PI SDK is it possible to search PIUnitBatches by Unit Name

Question asked by fs@ctsGmbH on Nov 22, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 23, 2018 by fs@ctsGmbH

Hi everyone,


I have some trouble to find some a methode to search PIUnitBatches by Unit Name.


I am using the PIUnitBatchSearch Methode like this:


                  string sModuleNameMask = IsNullorEmpty((string)jDataObject["farg"]["ModuleNameMask"]); // PIModule name to match. Defaults to “*”.
                  string sBatchIDMask = IsNullorEmpty((string)jDataObject["farg"]["BatchIDMask"]); // BatchID to match. Defaults to “*”.
                  string sProductMask = IsNullorEmpty((string)jDataObject["farg"]["ProductMask"]); // Product to match. Defaults to “*”.
                  string sProcedureMask = IsNullorEmpty((string)jDataObject["farg"]["ProcedureMask"]);// ProcedureName to match. Defaults to  “*”.
                  string sSubBatchMask = IsNullorEmpty((string)jDataObject["farg"]["SubBatchMask"]); // SubBatch name to match Defaults to  “*”.
                  PISDKCommon.PIAsynchStatus piAsynchStatus = null; // Optional asynchronous status object(PIAsyncStatus). Default Null
                  string siUnitBatchUniqueID = IsNullorEmpty((string)jDataObject["farg"]["UnitBatchUniqueID"]);// Optional unique id of PIUnitBatch find specific unit batch.
                  string siModuleUniqueID = IsNullorEmpty((string)jDataObject["farg"]["ModuleUniqueID"]); // Optional unique id of PIModule. Used to find unit batches created on a  specific module

                  pIUnitBatchList = CurrentpIServer.PIModuleDB.PIUnitBatchSearch(pTimeSearchStart, pTimeSearchEnd, sModuleNameMask, sBatchIDMask, sProductMask, sProcedureMask, sSubBatchMask, piAsynchStatus, siUnitBatchUniqueID, siModuleUniqueID);              


Is there any way to Filter by Unit Name or is the only posibility to search between Start -> Endtime and after this Search Filter by Unit Name?



Thanks all,