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    PI Datalink 2012 Beta




      I went straightforward to download and install beta version of PI Datalink 2012 and I could never make it work.


      Installation process went successfully, or so it said, but when I tried to retrieve data this is what I found: PI Server tags not recognized. The same with PI AF items. It was connected to PI Server.


      It also made AF Client stop working.


      Previously I had 2010 version installed.


      Any clue?



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          Ahmad Fattahi



          The first thing I would do is to analyze the set up log files to see if the installation indeed went without any issues. I suggest you contact regular Tech Support to proceed as they have much better tools handy to help you look into the log files and troubleshoot the functionality.

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              Many apologies. We are aware that PSE gets uninstalled by this installer. We will fix that in the release.


              We decided not to bundle PSE with client products anymore in a move to satisfy customer requests to separate client and admin tools. Unfortunately there was an oversight on systems with PSE already installed. This is definitely not the intended behavior.


              To fix this,


              Go to add/remove programs, select AF Client 2012, select modify, and reinstall PI System Explorer.


              As far as not being able to retrieve tags it sounds like your tagnames aren't "Fully Qualified"


              You have a few options. I recommend using the search to find your tag, selecting full path to the tag into the search options, and then in the spreadsheet referencing that as your source.


              You can also put the PI Server in the Root Path field and then the tagname as the Data Item.


              If you need more help, reply here or send your request to pidatalink2012beta@osisoft.com. We have special support channels for this beta release.



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                  Thank you both Ahmad and Matt.


                  I will address any further issue to the dedicated channel.

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                      Hi guys,


                      I installed Datalink 2012 Beta no problem, but I think I found a bug with PI System Explorer 2012.  I want to set an attribute to a PI Point, but when I do a search for name=*biak* and Point Source=o, I get a -10723 error and a list of tags that are more than *biak* (Image 1).  I think the problem is in the search query turns out to be "* name:*biak* pointsource:o", where it should be "name:*biak* pointsource:o".  If I start again but this time delete the first "*" the query works no problem but when I choose the tag I want and click OK, I get the -10723 error again and don't actually get the tag (Image 2).







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                          I'll have our AF PM take a look at this. My eyes aren't very good, but it looks like you are using a PI collective. If that's the case, there are some known issues in the beta with collectives.


                          He will have someone get back to you early next week. Most of the team is off on holiday.





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                              Thanks for the feedback on the Tag Search.  We do see the issue with "* name:*biak* pointsource:o" returning too many results, and will correct this prior to release (if more than one name clause was found, the Beta would "OR" the clauses together - which is why it is returning all results- the "*" was implicitly a name search).  


                              Is the connection issue repeatable?  As Matt mentioned, there were a number of issues with properly connecting to a PI Collective, as well as with fail-over in the Beta.  We made need to examine the collective definition to see what might be occurring.