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PI Data Server and PI to PI Interface across the internet

Question asked by BStirbu on Nov 26, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 27, 2018 by JaisonRodrigues

Dear PISquare,

I've just started working with PI and I've got this little project that I have to take care of, where I would like a to have second opinion regarding the aproach.

We have:

Location A: PI Data Server (company A)

Location B: PI to PI interface (company B)

We need to connect both location, over internet, and I was thinking to go for an IPsec tunnel between both points.

Now I know that on the Data Server side it's enough to open only port 5450. Is that really the case. The PI to PI interface will pull information from the PI Data Server, how is that possible if only port TCP 5450 is open? 


Second I guess that both ends( data server and interface) have to be configured with the same local user account for Identity mapping (local windows user mapped to an Identity that can read data from the PIpoints)