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    Processbook error on Coresight


      Having an issue with a Processbook screen being viewed on Coresight.

      Intermittently, I'm seeing an issue where the screen seems to go into error.(See figure 1).

      This remains for a few seconds then returns to normal.(See figure 2).

      There is over 30 of these bars on the overall screen and the issue is not isolated to any 1 bar. It seems to occur randomly across all bars at different times.


      The calculation on each bar is a simple "% complete" attribute that is done using a formula data reference.

      I checked both input tags this % calculation and output attribute but there seems to be no issue with the data.

      Has anyone seen an issue like this before?


      FIGURE 1

      FIGURE 2

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          Hey Ian,


          Based on the behavior described, I would suspect that Vision is unable to calculate all the Formula Data References in time to update all the objects in the Processbook Imported Display.


          As a test, I would recommend importing a Processbook display with 2-3 bars with Formula Data References and see if the behavior is present there.


          Overall, our recommendation for customers is to utilize Analysis to output calculations to PI Tags as opposed to having a formula data reference or an analysisDR.  If you are unwilling to have the data outputted to PI Tags, we would recommend using AnalysisDR instead of formulas as they have better performance with our client products.