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Invalid Time Format UFL Connector

Question asked by MauriceBruinsma on Nov 26, 2018
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For our PI system (2018), we are using the UFL connector. The Jason files that are pushed into our connector are using the timeformat: yyyy:mm:ddThh:mm:ss.nnnnnnnT. But I get the following message when i'm inserting the configuration file for the UFC connector:


Cannot parse Configuration File - {error} Invalid Time Format: yyyy:mm:ddThh:mm:ss.nnnnnnnT


The fields are configured as followed:

Field(5).Name = "TimeStamp"

Field(5).Type = "DateTime"

Field(5).Format = "yyyy:mm:ddThh:mm:ss.nnnnnnnT


What is going wrong?


Thanks in advance.


With kind regards,


Maurice Bruinsma