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    Archive full 99.99%




      My archive is full to 99.99% and impossible to force a shift (right access).

      Any solution?


      Thanks for your help!

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          Generally, three philosophies:

             have a fixed number of archives available and let the oldest archive get overwritten when the current archive is full

             allow the system to automatically create new archives when the current archive is full

             always ensure there are empty archives that can be shifted to when the current archive needs to shift


          Which of these methods is your site using?

          Whom has authority at your site to force an archive shift or create new archives?

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            Hi Pascal


            Request you to check message log for additional info related to archive shift failure. Always recommend fixed size archive which is flexible for non primary to shift to dynamic when history recovery takes place.


            Request you to check below link for additional information related to archive shift failure.


            PI Server




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              Hi everybody,


              Thanks for your reply!

              The problem cames from the no fixed size archive as Lal said.

              A PI technicien solve the problem!