Sending data to PI using PISDK with compression

Discussion created by paroda on May 18, 2012
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I have developed one windows service to query data using HttpWebRequest and send to a PI Collective through PISDK. The PI buffer subsystem is enabled on the client system.


The PISDK method i am using is PIData.UpdateValue(value,timestamp). The service is configured to send data at 1 min interval.


The PI tag is configured for compression with following parameters: compdev: 60, compmin: 0, compmax: 10min


I checked and found that the PI system is getting the values properly, but there is no compression. The value is constant for more than 20 min, but it has recorded each point at 1 min interval.


I am not sure what else need to be configured. Could someone please advice how to send data to PI through PISDK and enable compression.