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Program Language UFL ini File

Question asked by MauriceBruinsma on Nov 29, 2018
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I'm configuring the .ini file for the UFL connector. I'm trying to figure out what language is used within this file. It looks like VBA, but i'm not sure.


Can I use any functions like VBA within the .ini file for the UFL connector? (including PI specific functions like StoreEvent and StoreInPI).


I'm trying to loop an JSON file. Within the JSON file there are multiple signals with value's that needs to be mapped on PIpoints.



     "CompID": {

          "UniqueID": "UniqueName"



          "DateTime": "2000-01-01T12.00.00.0000000Z,

          "UnitOfMeasure": "A",

          "SamplingInterval": 0.05,

          "SampleSet": {

               "Resolution": 12,

               "Values": [1199, 1199, 1201 ... 1244]


As you can see, there are multiple data points that are interesting. How can I make sure that I can map these values according to the DateTime and the SamplingInterval. This means that the first value has the DateTime timestamp. The second value has the DateTime timestamp + SamplingInterval.


I'm trying to use a foreach loop, but I do not really know how to map the different values according to the DateTime and SamplingInterval.


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