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    Node-Red + Pi OMF connector + Weather Underground - Getting it running


      Good morning -


      We are working on a new field-based sensor network monitoring surface temperatures of our power-plant-connected snow-melt system here in Holland Michigan.  Using LoRa technology, we are successfully gathering data.  The final step is to import this into our Pi installation.


      I have been following the how-to: "PI-World-2018---Learn-How-to-Leverage-OSIsoft-Message-Format-(OMF)-to-handle-IoT-Data-Streams", and trying to get it to work in our environment.  I've successfully installed the connector and Node-Red, and have been stepping through the how-to.  No success.


      I note that there is an export of the Node-Red flow called "wUnderground.txt" noted in the documents.  Does anyone know where I might be able to get a copy of this?


      I'd be interested to know how others have done with this how-to.


      Thanks in advance for your comments!