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Discussion created by RyanBrown on May 18, 2012
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Hi VCampus,


I just wanted to highlight an issue I'm having with posting code and find out if I'm the only one.


Every time I've tried to post my code example it has not worked. I've tried in Firefox and also in Internet Explorer. Sometimes the preview looks okay and sometimes it doesn't. Regardless of this when I do the actually post it puts all my code on one line which looks horrible.


From what I can tell I'm not doing anything wrong. I simply hit insert code and paste my code it. Before pasting it in I paste into notepad and copy from there to make sure there are no strange characters.


I know it's been mentioned that there are some updates to VCampus and that looking at the code insertion is one of them. Do you know when this is happening? Is there any advice you can give when posting my code? Am I the only person to be having this problem?


On a lighter note thanks to the VCampus team for kindly editing my posts and fixing the code every time I really appreciate it.