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    How to filter Eventframe analyses combining Category and Service Status options

    Gaurav Agrawal

      Hi All,


      I have certain eventframe analyses which are having a specific category which I have assigned to them when I created the analyses template. I want to filter all those analyses in the specific category which are running in error status. I am using PI AF server 2017 R2 and PI system Explorer 2018 R2. When I try to filter the Analyses in Management Plugin using Service status, it grayed out other criteria and says "Cannot Combine Service Status with Other criteria". I have multiple analyses running and I don't want to go manually to all of them to see which specific Analysis is in error.


      Is there any way to combine the "Service Status = Error" + "Analysis Category" and get the filtered results? Any pointers in this regard would be very helpful.





      Gaurav Agrawal