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    Should I use '@' in my PI tagnames?


      We are renaming our PI tags and are considering a naming convention that uses a '@' as part of the naming.  It doesn't appear to be restricted from OSI but I did find that it's restricted in urls.  It seems like this would break some of the PI Web API calls.  Does anyone else have any experience with this  or suggestions?




      Rebecca Hay

      Tallgrass Energy

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          Yes, "@" is an allowed character in tag names. Tag Naming

          Only the following are not allowed  * ? ; { } [ ] | \ ` ' " ,


          The @ is a reserved character (RFC 3956) and these characters only need encoding when not used for their defined, reserved purposes.

          The encoding should take place if you directly use it from the browser or build it part of your application (usually some library function).


          Ex: Tag name "Test1@123"

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