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    Language Preference


      Okay so though it might be interesting to find out what people code in when developing PI solutions.


      Be good to know the reasons for the choice if you want to leave a comment or maybe I missed an option!!!



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          Picked C#. This is really my language of choice. I've done some VB when I was (really) young. Java and Delphi were thought in University, and in the last years of university I discovered .NET and C#. I was immediately addicted. The improvements to the language that Microsoft made in the past years got me even more hooked. I'm really thinking of learning myself an additional language (probably something functional, like F#) to improve my skills further.

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              Historically VB, now almost exclusively C#.  No real reason for the change except to learn something that I didn't know too well at the time.  I ventured towards Objective C recently but I missed the cotton wool wrappings of the .Net framework.  I keep looking at some CUDA material from NVidia that I might one day get time to read.