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    PI Vision future data and "now"


      I have s schedule coming in through UFL which can have value up to 7 minutes ahead of the current time.


      If I plot this asset and select now, I show one value but the value symbol will show a future time stamp and a coming value.  If I scroll back in time the two symbols show the same value.  Can I force the current time stamp for the value symbol?

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          Roger Palmen

          The value symbol will show the last value, a.k.a. the 'Snapshot' value. For a standard PI Point, this can be up to 10 minutes into the future to allow for small differences in the time on data sources. So this is more or less expected and nothing out of the ordinary.


          Not sure if there is a way to always get an interpolated value, but one way would be to use a future data PI Point to store the data. Or just ensure that the UFL does not write data from the future, so find out why you get timestamps from the future.

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            Agree with Roger, if the value you have coming in from UFL is time stamped in the future then enable the future tag attribute but if the future time stamp is due to an incorrect clock setting at the data source then best to correct that first.