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Queries from PI SQL Commander not working

Question asked by Adam Milton-Barker on Dec 5, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 11, 2018 by Adam Milton-Barker

Hi guys I have completed the Web API program for now and working on a PI JDBC software, I have written code based around GetSnap which is working, however I wanted to show some examples of common queries to show some better examples, I have the Nugreen database installed and can successfully query data from there using the PI Web API software I created, however with PI JDBC using the following code I get the following error and cannot work out why as Nugreen database exists and is callable via Web API.


SELECT Name, Description FROM NuGreen.Asset.Element WHERE Description LIKE ? (Using param N'Boiler%')


[PIOLEDB] Catalog name 'NuGreen' is invalid.
  at com.osisoft.jdbc.StatementImpl.executeQueryInternal(
  at com.osisoft.jdbc.StatementImpl.executeQuery(


In PI Web API, our path to anything Nugreen related was \\Nugreen\\Nugreen which is different to any of the documentation which specified to use \\Nugreen, I was wondering if there was a similar issue here, I have tried Nugreen.Nugreen with no luck. TIA.