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    PDI to SVG export proplem


      Elements from "Symbol Library" (that have Fill Mode: Solid) always converting with #008000 color.

      These elements in SVG have structure like this:

        <g PB:FillColor="13026246" PB:FillStyle="3">


        <path style="fill:#008000">




      All SVG viewers that i used ignore attribute PB:FillColor="13026246" and use only style="fill:#008000"


      My code is:

      PBObjLib.Application app = new PBObjLib.Application();

      PBObjLib.Display disp = app.Displays.Open("1.pdi", true);


      disp.Zoom = "FitAll";

      disp.SaveAs("1.svg", PBObjLib.pbpdFILEFORMAT.pbpdFormatSVG);



      What am I doing wrong?


      After several experements all work fine with PBObjLib.Application.Maximize(), but I think this is bad solution.

      Is there any way to convert to SVG without start ProcessBook Application?