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Help required on event frame creation and analysis

Question asked by Archit on Dec 5, 2018
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I need to realise the following requirement in PI AF:


I have an attribute "Status" for wells (have same template) that has values either flowing or not flowing. Also I have another attribute "FBHP".


My requirement is to plot a trend of FBHP Vs time. I need values of "FBHP" when "Status" is equal to not flowing for 1 hour, 6 hour, 12 hours, 24 hours and 10 days. If the "Status" changes to flowing in between then I do not need further values for "FBHP".


I am having problems in realising this with Event frames. I created an EF template shown below:

and EF generation analysis shown below

But I don't think this will work and solve my objective. I need help in realising the same and shall be very thankful.