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    number into latitude and longitude




      We are reading data from vessel instrumentation plc and the longitude and latitude are coming in as numbers, ie. 056'43'26.04 N is coming in as 5643.44. Trying to figure out how to format this into the correct coordinates and display in PIVision. This from the AF 2017 R2.


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          Hi Richard


          Data type should be changed to string to read the format you are looking. If you planning to use the values in the chart then use format and convert functions to convert string value by parsing to Int accordingly.




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            Hello Richard,


            How would you like to use longitude and latitude in PI Vision displays? Do you just want to display the coordinates or do you like to show process data on a map?

            If the latter is the case, please allow me to suggest the PI Integrator for Esri® ArcGIS®. Besides this general overview, I suggest taking a look at the product manual available as related download ("Downloads" tab).


            Other than this, there exist a few different system to express longitude and latitude and for sure it is possible to 'translate' from and to all different coordinate systems. The most important ask here is what coordinate system is used as the input and what is the one expected for the output. As there is no data type "coordinate" it may be wise or even necessary to store coordinate information in a string data type as Lal Babu Shaik suggested.