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    MINRAW negative number


      I am quite new at tags but have no issue creating basic tags.  One thing that I struggle with is the MINRAW and MAXRAW values.


      From what I was taught if the MAX is 20000 and the MIN is 4000 then the conversion should be 16000 and you set the DZero=4000.   I honestly have no idea what those numbers mean but I know that when it is set this way no one yells at me.


      so where I have trouble is with the negative numbers.  Today they want me to create new tags with values like this.   MAX 300  MIN -300    or MAX 1000 and MIN -100.   Can someone explain to me the proper way to calculate this?   if I do a calculator and try 1000 minus -100 it does not seem to compute.   What should be the correct way to compute these negative numbers?