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PI SQC Flagging

Question asked by biker2000on on Dec 12, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 13, 2018 by biker2000on

I have worked to migrate our SQC data out of Excel to PI which is in general much better, however, there is one part missing that I need to implement for us.

We need a way to "flag" data points to not be included when plotting the data. This will allow us to drop out bad data, remix times, and others.


FYI, this is all manually entered data from the lab.


I have a couple ideas on how to do this, but need some help getting started.


Idea 1:  Use the Details and Annotations pane and highlight the specific point you want flagged. You then click a button that turns on the "Questionable" flag.

          This would be ideal, but I cannot find an attribute in VBA to watch for events on the Details pane.


Idea 2:  Also use the details and annotations pane, but use a Boolean annotation where False/0 will denote drop it and then write a performance equation in the Filter Data input for SQC charts.

          I am not even sure this one is possible, with look up based on annotations.


Idea 3:  Create another flagging point and then give it date range inputs to set values to 1 or 0 and then filter time periods using that tag.

          This would likely be the easiest to implement, but the users want something closer to idea 1 or 2.


I would prefer to implement this in Processbook with the SPC charting and not pull it out to Excel.


Any help/guidance you have on best practices for flagging is greatly appreciated. I am sure this is not a new issue.