Guidance needed creating multiple "Views" or Hierarchies from a pool of AF Elements

Discussion created by powellr on May 22, 2012
Latest reply on May 28, 2012 by spilon

I have a need to create multiple views from a pool of elements within AF. I started by simply creating a root element for each view and referencing elements within the pool accordingly to establish the hierarchy. Of course when doing this, elements that appear in multiple views will also reference any child elements that belong to it, regardless of what view that child element was included.


To resolve this, as the hierarchy is to be navigated programmatically, I have used template categories to help filter out groups of elements that do not belong to a particular view. This works to some extent, but is by no means a perfect solution as some elements by design are to be used in multiple views. So for instance if an element is referenced at level 3 within 'View A' and level 4 within 'View B' it could potentially be visible at both levels 3 and 4 in both views.


Currently I’m toying with the idea of using AFmodels to create a hierarchy or view using ports and connections. It’s a work in progress so I don't yet know the limitations. My main fears however are with traversing the model in order to obtain the hierarchy, as obviously it will not be available through the normal parent/child element collections.


Has anyone got any recommendations for such a requirement?
Are AFModels fit for establishing hierarchies having been designed primarily for analysis?


Many Thanks