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AF - Analysis and PI Vision EF (Observations)

Question asked by LalBabuShaik Champion on Dec 14, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 8, 2019 by LalBabuShaik

Hi All


I have noticed few issues with Analysis evaluation , trigger in EF and PI Vision EF Table would like to know possible reason behind it.


1) AF Analysis and Trigger issue :

e.g. Attribute A = Double  and value set to 100 (Not PI Point)

Attribute B = PIPoint and output of  analysis which writes CALC failed to this attribute(PI Point).


If I do a comparison B> A it evaluates to TRUE.  Looks like it is comparing digital state value in Attribute B with A. Which causes Event frame trigger to start which is incorrect. I'm using PI AF 2017 R2 and not sure it is the same case with AF 2018.  Understand that we can filter BadVal but comparison should give me CALC failed than TRUE which is incorrect.


2) EF PI Vision : Event frame table always shows text centre aligned e.g. Name, start time,endtime  etc and column shows names are always left aligned .


3) EF Table PI Vision : If I click on any row in PI Vision EF table it shows event frame details but trend scale is set based on  "Range Plotted Values" and multiple scales rather than single scale or db settings which makes it difficult to compare process value against threshold.


Please let me know your suggestions.