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How to get text values to plot consistently in a ProcessBook trend?

Question asked by RandyHawley on Dec 11, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 12, 2018 by RandyHawley

Dear PI Square community,

We recently added a number of tags to our system that collect status values from a DeltaV system that come in as "YES" or "NO".  When added to a ProcessBook trend, things sometimes are reversed from what you might expect, with one or more of these values plotted 'upside down' to the others ("YES" being low, and "NO" being high).

This seems to be related to what the value of the tag is at the beginning of the plot when the display is first called up.

Is there any way to force the display of these values to always put "NO" as the low and "YES" as the high ends of the plot scaling?

(Note: if these values are in a trend that also has an analog value being plotted, and the plots of the Y/N values show up as square waves of small amplitude, which is fine, except they can still be reversed as above).


Thank you !