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Stale Tags without error flag?

Question asked by gilles.barnier on Dec 17, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 20, 2018 by gilles.barnier

Hello All,


We are developping a Data Quality product, that should be capable to detect stale Tags.

So, first, here is our definition of stale:

A Tag will be detected as stale if for a certain period of time, the number of reported values by the Tag  will be lower than a minimum threshold.


We capture (with AF SDK) the last value of the tag before it passes exception and compression deviation, so the question of missing values due to compression is already solved on our side.


To my knowledge, if the value of a Tag is not polled properly, then the "Questionable Value" flag is automatically and systematically reported, and an error message is provided (No data, Timeout, etc...)


So my question here is:

Can there be a situation where a Tag does not receive a value AND does not receive an error message instead?


Thank you for your answers,