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Does PI Analysis Service support fail-over mechanisms to avoid real-time Outages?

Question asked by Rhishabh.Singh on Dec 18, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 18, 2018 by skwan

Does PI Analysis Service support fail-over mechanisms,if yes can we we have two AF collective(Primary and Secondary) and  install 1 instance of Analysis engine on each of these collectives?

The functionality which is targeted to be achieved is:During a real-time outage the  secondary service should be  notified to take control  and write data to tags whenever the primary  goes down to avoid  real-time outage.

AF analysis has the feature of Autobackfilling but it wouldn't help in real-time outage.

This requirement was fulfilled by the PI PE engine due to high availability  feature on the PI Data Archive,But do we have the same for AF analysis or a completely new approach is to be followed.

Thanks in advance for your suggestions and time.