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Analysis Calculation and Runtime Input Values

Question asked by alanquadros on Dec 17, 2018

Hey guys,


I need some help on this scenario.


I have three tags:
Inferior Limit (IL)
Superior Limit (SL)
Tag Value (TV)


I need to calculate total time where TagValue is greater than superior or TagValue is lesser than inferior limit.


So i setup an analysis where:


timeGreater = timeGT('TV',starttime,endtime,'SL');
timeLesser  = timeLT('TV',starttime,endtime,'IL');


dTime = timeGreater + timeLesser


it works fine, when i know starttime and endtime and input it via PI System Explorer.


But, now i need to put it on web application and set starttime and endtime on runtime. How can i do that ?!


I'm trying to use AFAnalysis to input (starttime, endtime), run then analysis and get the results... is that possible ?!
it's the correct way to do it !?