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How to create correct ConfigString

Question asked by alanquadros on Dec 18, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 19, 2018 by rdavin

Hey guys,


I need to create Ad Hoc Analysis on my c# app.


I need to create this, execute, get results and remove.


So i readed AFSdk docs... and i'm in trouble with ConfigStrings...


Here is my configString example:

"LV := 'LVi'/100;\r\nHV := 'HVi'/100;\r\nAVG := (LV+HV)/2;"

Error: Cannot run this analysis rule because its configuration is invalid.  See ConfigurationExceptions for details.


And i've tried to get configstring from one analysis configured in PI SystemExplorer... and i get...


"LV := '{dbdbb8ae-ff59-4262-877f-a4c466a5975c};LVi'/100;...


how can i get this ID ?! which is the correct form to add ConfigString ?! there is any methods to add line to config on the analysis services !?