vCampus PI Server

Discussion created by Halenger Champion on May 25, 2012
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I know with the vCampus PI server, the PItoPI interface is the means to acquire data.  I don't think this is currently available, but I was wondering if we as members can purchase a tag or group of tags for our own PI System (OPC?).


The reason I ask is I have a Nest thermostat for my house which allows me to control the heat/AC of my house wirelessly (iphone). It got me thinking that it would be a nice project to track the temperature into my personal PI System.  Though I'm not a developer, I'd like to experiment on doing something fun and interesting like recording my house temp(s) or amperage(s) of circuit panel legs.  I'm a systems integrator that works more with programming PLC's but have been really wanting to learn more about developing.  Though it's great having customer data, it'd be nice having MY data that I can analyze and report....  I don't know if I'm just not getting something, but thought I ask the community what you as a developer would do to talk to a PLC (Allen Bradley) to your own vCampus PI System (assuming if this is allowed... if not, could it be discussed why)?