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Question asked by hiella on Dec 18, 2018
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Hi there,


I'm been going through some VBA code that check if PI tag exist and has numeric values. Taking "sometagname" as the tag name we are going to check as an example:


Set PIPoint = PIServer.GetPoints("Tag='" & sometagname& "'")

If Not IsNumeric(PIPoint.Data.Snapshot.Value) Then

If PIPoint.Data.Snapshot.Value.Name <> "Scan Off"

And PIPoint.Data.Snapshot.Value.Name <> "I/O Timeout" Then

Tagfound = False


I understand the part that if the value in snapshot is not numeric, this tag is considered not found, but what does the "Scan Off" and "I/O Timeout" mean?


And more importantly, how do I replicate the function with Java and PI JDBC? I can get the value in pi snapshot by "select value from [piarchive]..[pisnapshot] where tag = 'sometagname' " and check if it's numeric.

But I did not find anything like "" in that same table. How to get this


Thank you,