Robin Verhoek

Is it possible to change the Pi Point Data reference programmatically through the SDK?

Discussion created by Robin Verhoek on May 25, 2012
Latest reply on May 25, 2012 by MvanderVeeken

Dear all,


Looking for some knowledge here. I am a bit limited in my options to experiment, so that's why i ask if any of you have some ideas on the issue below.


From ProcessBook i use a wrapper to access the AF SDK. Now i want ProcessBook users to select a PI Tag (using the 'regular' SDK dialog), and set that tag for a specific AF Element attribute of type Pi Point. Using the AF SDK, the Pi Point can be accessed through AFAttribute.RawPiPoint, which returns a Pi SDK PiPoint class. I wondering if i can change the Pi Tag that is set for the Element attribute by changing the properties of this PiPoint?


Another possible idea is to use the AFDataReference, but looking at the AF SDK documentation, that does not really help me. And reverse-engineering using existing settings will take me some time to get my environments ready where i can debug my .NET code.


Otherwise i need to find a workaround, somehow.