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PI Datalink Averaged Values

Question asked by AkimN on Dec 21, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 10, 2019 by caffreys_col

Is there a way to have PI Datalink directly pull an average of sampled data based on a given criteria.  For example in the data below there are times, steps and flows.  I would like to be able to directly pull the average value of a given step during a given time period without having to plot the data first.




TimeStepFlowAverage Flow in Step X
6:00 AM12013
6:05 AM174.503.918.50
6:10 AM110
6:15 AM14
6:20 AM17
6:25 AM05
6:30 AM07
6:35 AM38
6:40 AM310
6:45 AM03
6:50 AM10
6:55 AM13
7:00 AM03
7:05 AM11
7:10 AM03
7:15 AM10
7:20 AM06
7:25 AM310
7:30 AM36
7:35 AM11
7:40 AM18