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AF Hierarchies comparison between environments

Question asked by srikanth.nadikatla on Jan 8, 2019
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We have cases where we want to compare PI AF hierarchies from two different environments(elements as well as their attributes). We do have some solutions in place, one way we extract hierarchies from source and destination AF environment using excel PI Builder add-in, and use MS excel/access queries to compare and get the results, other way is we have powershell script which takes paths from source and destination AF environments as input and automatically extracts elements, compares and generates the results. The excel based solution is fast but involves lot of manual work, taking extracts, running queries etc.. powershell solution is fully automated but performance is bad (especially hierarchy extractions). I am wondering if you guys can suggest an optimal way to handle this case with reasonable automation and  performance. Mind you, the hierarchies we want to compare can be huge, as much as 10000 elements (with roughly around 10 attributes per element).