Performance Measurement for Processbook and Datalink

Discussion created by wpurrer on May 28, 2012
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Dear All!


We always / sometimes got complains from our users that the preformance of the pi system doesn't meet their expectated values.


After watching this TED Talk (http://www.ted.com/talks/rory_sutherland_perspective_is_everything.html) it comes to my mind maybe i can present the users some numbers:


For example:

  • 90 % of the processbooks are open below 3 seconds.
  • 90 % of the datalink enabled function are open (and calculated below 5 seconds)

I'm aware of the reasons for long opening times can be multilayered.

  • it can be the compression of the datapoints below (that the reason most suggested on osisoft .. if you have a perfomance problem increase the compression)
  • it can be that  hardware isn't delivery the performace (we use SSD for the last 100 days of data,.. and with PI2012 i hope this improves)
  • it can be that in processbooks and calculation the intervall is too narrow (1 minutes caluclations for 3 years..)
  • it can be that in datalink the data gathering is not performaned the ideal way,..
  • it can be that the users has no rights to the data and for this the timeout takes too long (seen a couple of times)
  • ....

and if you sit down on a beer with me .. in can think of sure a couple of more reasons:


What i wanted to to is to get real performance data:

  • how long does it take to open processsbook displays, excel reports.
  • are their some displays, reports which takes more time the we expect (5 seconds,...)

So the idea is to develop a plugin for processbook and excel which reports the calculation time / opening time for each file with a distinct user.


Logging this information in  sql database isn't the issue, but how do i measure this data in processbook or excel ?