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Could I update an archive value with a timestamp before the PI point being created?

Question asked by Dr.Zhou on Dec 29, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 2, 2019 by Dr.Zhou

Dear All,


I am in the course of making statistics of the plant performance from now on, but I need to have the last couple of months covered. PI points for this purpose were generated recently, but could I update those archive value before the points generation?


To be more specific, I have a tag named "pulverizer-coalfeed-over-50t" generated today to make a close eye on the coal feed online meter readings. When the reading exceeds limit, say 50 tons here, the point is set to be "1", otherwise, "0". Then, I need to know for the last 3-month, what the tag value of "pulverizer-coalfeed-over-50t" could be. I coded with the UpdateValues SDK function (I'm assured that I'm utilizing this function in the right way since it works for a pi point generated long time ago) but when I try to retrieve the data with the timestamp I updated the value, I got "No Data" from DataLink.


Could anyone drop me a hint? Thanks in advance.

Best Regards