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Creating a new element using PI WebApi (Azure Machine: different networks)

Question asked by PedroRonconi on Jan 3, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 3, 2019 by tramachandran

Hello Guys,




I am trying to create an element using the software "postman" and the PIwebapi.
My PI Webapi config:





I reached this situation:


https://localhost/piwebapi/elements/{WEBID for the Parent}/elements

webId=Parent element webId

Authorization: `Basic Auth`


"Name": "Costumer name",
"Description": "Custumer description",
"TemplateName": "Customer",
"CategoryNames": [
"RK Customer"
"ExtendedProperties": {}



"Errors": [
"An exception has occurred. Please contact your PI Web API administrator for help in enabling debug mode."




Run it remotely :


Run it from azure machine(Locally):


Could you guys help me in this issue?


Thank you